America has always been this way. This is colonialism, an extension of the aristocracy. It was the aristocrats who sent their 2nd, 3rd, 4th sons over here to make loads of money. It was the aristocrats in the royal military who ruled the government. And when we became independent, all of this was still the case. There’s a reason that the only men allowed to vote at first were landed — had money. Poor men didn’t get a vote. These prep schools and universities were built by these people: American aristocrats. They didn’t have titles, but they didn’t need them. Yes, these institutions are still doing their job. Teaching these young predators that they are the apex, and the world is their oyster. Because up til now, it has been. And this is why all these white men are screaming.

Writer, painter, cat fancier, troublemaker, democratic socialist, & antifascist.

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