One person’s “woo-woo silliness” is another person’s reality; it’s only silly until you experience it. The same goes for any so-called “delusions.” Spirituality is an individual pursuit, and no two experiences are exactly alike. Dogma is ego, and philosophy is a gray area. While I appreciate the effort, and have made a few efforts myself in this area, it’s very difficult to convey an experience to someone who has never had the experience. So my goal has always been to help people to have their own experience, however they get there: through meditation, Reiki, crystals, channels, or whatever. Writing about spiritual experience is tough, because a lot that can and does happen comes out sounding…. woo-woo. It is beyond what many experience. It’s like saying, “OMG, there is this amazing color, and it’s Red, and it has this quality and that quality.” But if someone has never seen Red, they can never fully understand Red. And that’s where the opponents go: “I haven’t seen it; therefore, it is silly and cannot exist.” That, and it defies all that they’ve been taught to believe about reality. So, we may end up preaching to the choir, but maybe we can manage to preach to a few who are at least open to singing in the choir.

Writer, painter, cat fancier, troublemaker, democratic socialist, & antifascist.

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