Rome Burns as the Democrats Fiddle

It’s telling that Old Guard member and corporate stooge Joe Biden is saying that “Republicans will come around” when Trump is gone, as though they’ve merely come down with a mild case of Man Flu and will be magically recovered come 2020, or maybe 2024. How quickly does our former vice president remember the solid partisan gridlock, the party of “no” and rampant birtherism and the whisperings that Obama was a secret Muslim. How quickly does he forget that this is the same party that denied Obama’s appointment to the Supreme Court a fair hearing. How quickly does he forget the endless Benghazi hearings and the impeachment over a mere blow job between consenting adults? No, the Republicans are not going to “come around.”

The Republicans have learned that their party’s platform is losing adherents. Since their platform exists solely for the well-being and comfort of wealthy oligarchs, it’s far easier to change the rules of voting than it is to change their platform. As Vladimir Putin discovered, oligarchy and authoritarianism go together like a horse and carriage. If you can’t win honestly, then rig the election. The Republicans benefited grandly from Putin’s election-rigging help in 2016. What makes Joe or anyone else think they won’t do it again?

Like Joe, Nancy Pelosi is Old Guard, and she also seems to think that if she plays her game the way she’s always played it and the way her daddy played it, then we’ll all be just fine. She apparently thinks that holding this administration accountable for its crimes is not nearly as important as looking good for the 2020 election. In this way, she is putting party over country, just like the Republicans have done. It also means that she has failed to grasp how fundamentally things have changed, and why her old calculus no longer produces a correct answer. The system she and Joe remember is one in which certain norms and rules were followed. Those days are gone.

Our constitution, as written, was a good starting point, but as witness the multiple (needed) amendments, it needed improving. When analyzing the Russian attack on our democracy, the weaknesses are glaring, and they are becoming more so as the demagogue in office tears it apart by simply ignoring it. Thus are great nations laid waste: the rule of law is applied (and ignored) selectively.

After the 2016 election, everyone was in shock because the polling was, apparently, so horribly wrong. However, it’s entirely conceivable that the polling was incredibly right. We know of several instances of Russian interference with voting machines. How many more do we know nothing of? No one is even investigating this. The 2020 election can (and likely will) be thrown as easily. What then? Assuming that Democrats retain any kind of majority anywhere, will they continue to refrain from exerting their authority? Will Congress simply fade away out of sheer uselessness?

It is beyond disheartening that the 2018 Blue Wave was, at least in part, about putting some nominal grown-ups on the Hill to deal with the toddler in the White House. This means real oversight, not toothless subpoenas that aren’t going anywhere because no Democrat wants to be chastised by Fox News. And in the light of the Mueller Report, this means impeachment hearings. Yesterday.

It’s becoming obvious that Nancy Pelosi would rather inspire memes by throwing shade at the Ass in Chief than doing her job: starting impeachment hearings and demanding documents and testimony on peril of imprisonment. Given this sad reality, I and many millions of others are begging the newer guard to do what is right. Remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker if necessary, but for God’s sake, do that thing that even Robert Mueller practically begged you to do this week. Impeach him. Now. The process, not the end result (conviction), is the most important thing. If, after weeks of evidence and testimony, the House impeaches him and Republican Senators still want to go on record as voting to acquit him, then so be it. I call that a win. And it sends the very important message that Congress is still a major power in this country.

Failure to impeach this criminal for his crimes is just another step on the road to authoritarianism, and we’re too far down that path already. It’s time for a revolt, and it’s time for politicians on both sides of the aisle to put country over party. If they don’t, things are going to get ugly before they get better.

By en:User:Yakofujimato — English Wikipedia (honk.jpg), Public Domain,

Writer, painter, cat fancier, troublemaker, democratic socialist, & antifascist.

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