Well done. I don’t know what it is in many humans that makes them want to punch down. This is why white racism has held on so well here. Rich slave owners understood how to make the poorer whites their allies: as long as you’re better off than the black man (and can punch down in that direction), then the poor whites could be happy with their turnips. Any time you see what should be unified groups splintering, there is some degree of this tendency in play. Homophobia is an equal-opportunity hatred, and it’s everywhere, among all races. And if that’s not enough, some groups will create “others” to punch down, like Evangelicals do to everyone who isn’t Evangelical (Catholics are going to hell), or anyone who isn’t the “right” sort of anything. Fundamentally, this is due to fear and lack of self-worth. If you have to rely on slamming someone else to feel good, you’re fucked up.

“The problem isn’t to learn to love humanity, but to learn to love those members of it who happen to be at hand.” — Samuel R. Delany, from Dhalgren

Writer, painter, cat fancier, troublemaker, democratic socialist, & antifascist.

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